CoCreando was founded in Milan by Antonia Teatino and Fatina Saikaly. The founders met each other when they were PhD candidates at the Politecnico di Milano. In 2006, two years after concluding their PhD studies, they founded Co-Creando, a Research, Strategy and Design firm. In the same year Co-Creando was selected as the third most creative and innovative new business in Milan and provinces, a contest by the Award of Excellence for Innovative Regions by the European Commission, Milan City Council and Milan’s Chamber of Commerce. Other innovation awards followed.


Soon after, the founders strong commitment to sustainability was the main motivation to start in 2008 Sustainable Ideas Lab. A Research and Design Lab that addresses issues of sustainability in cities, production and consumption. All projects and events were financed by CoCreando’s profit. Projects and events received the support and patronage of local government, and public institutions.


For almost a decade, from 2006 to 2018, Co-Creando offered communication design, product design and strategic design services. The latter service focused on innovation and growth. We worked for clients from different sizes: artisans, small and medium-sized enterprises. Our team was a network of global consultants, and our clients were from Italy, the Middle East, and India.


In 2020, guided by the so many evidences that the current model of mass manufacturing is no longer socially, economically and environmentally sustainable, Co-Creando became a network of independent Researchers, Designers, Makers and Artisans. Our objective is to experiment regenerative, distributed and local model(s) of production. We are guided by the principles of circular economy, collaboration, networking, open-source design, craftsmanship and digital fabrication. We focus on Home accessories.